Beginner Basics – How do I pick a suitable pattern?

Welcome and woof. I’m Olive the dog and it is great to have you with me. Today we’re going to talk about choosing a pattern when you are a beginner hooker.

  1. Do you really like what you are making?

When you are about to make something new, or learn a skill you’ve never tried before, it is easy to get stuck into the project without really thinking it through much. It’s exciting! You want to get your teeth into it!!

Then part way through you start to have doubts… do I really want an orange and purple spotted sweater? Will this green tree frog beanie look good on me? How do you do a 2togsctr stitch anyway?

And then… you lose your enthusiasm, you put it down, and it becomes a UFO (unfinished object) forever more.

So the first and most important question to ask is do you LOVE this project and will you use it when it’s finished? If not, keep looking for one you do. The internet is a big place… there is bound to be something out there that really appeals… and don’t forget to check out ours!

  1. Is the pattern too hard?

Do you often find that the projects you like most are really REALLY difficult? Me too.  I’mdoily looking forward to the day when I can make that white lace wedding dress in Irish crochet lace, but that day is not today.

By all means choose something that includes a challenge – a new skill you have never tried – but make sure the pattern makes sense to you and you can do most of it.


  1. What should I avoid?

As a beginner the things you can’t expect to be able to do include:

  • frequent color changes
  • lace work
  • thin thread work
  • shaping – garments particularly involve a lot of shaping
  • things that look fancy
  • items that are really big – you don’t want to be making your first project for the rest of your life

Be honest with yourself  and choose something you know you can do.

I’m starting with a scarf.

And I can’t wait to get started!! Until next time …. Woof!

Olive paw 2


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