Beginner Basics – What Tools Do I Need?

Woof and welcome to Beginner Basics everyone! I’m Olive the dog and I’m very excitement to have you here with me on this learn to crochet journey.Olive mugshot

Many people, and quite a few dogs, would like to learn crochet but they don’t know how to get started. We’re going to start by getting your tools together.

All these objects are easy to obtain at a craft or sewing shop. Are you woof … I mean ready?

  1. A Crochet Hook

As a beginner you want to be using a thick hook – like a 6 or 7 mm hook (US J or K). Patterns always tell you what size hook to use, and so do most balls of yarn. Thinner hooks are best avoided at the start since they are more fiddly to use and the projects are slow to grow. Tools

  1. Some Yarn

Yarn can be very confusing. Most patterns will tell you what yarn to use, that makes it easy.  If you still aren’t clear you can ask someone in the yarn shop to give you a hand – take your pattern with you and show them. That way if the exact yarn isn’t available they can help you find one that will work just as well.

But as I’ve always been a naughty puppy, the sort that likes to follow their nose, I want to choose my own yarns. I see all the exciting colors available and there is always something irresistible.

There is a super lot to know about yarn, but as a beginner these are a few simple rules of thumb.

  • Avoid anything thin, you want to be able to use a big hook and this requires a thicker yarn – aim for 8ply or higher (a ply with a bigger number, like 12 ply)
  • If using multiple colors in a project try and make them all the same thickness
  • Choose a yarn that doesn’t fray
  • Do not choose anything fancy – for example with bobbles or fluffy eyelash stuff – the plainer the yarn the easier it is to use
  • Don’t choose colors randomly because you like them, make sure they go well with each other
  1. Scissors

Any old scissors are fine but you won’t be able to finish a project without a good old snip at the end.

  1. A Wool Needle

There are also many types of needles to choose from even though they all look so similar. A wool or tapestry needle is what you want because you need to be able to put your thick yarn through the eye of that needle. The purpose of this is to sew in the left over ends of your crochet project. If you’re no good with needles you will also need ….

  1. (Optional) A needle threader
     There are a few types but these little metal wonders are the best in my experience because they are simple to use and they don’t break if you pull the yarn hard.

And that is all! So get your tools together and you’ll be one good strong step closer to crocheting.

Until next time… woof!

Olive paw 2


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