Beginner Guide – Where do I find a teacher?

Olive mugshotWelcome and woof. It’s Olive the dog here.

Do you want to learn to crochet but don’t know anyone who can teach you? Let’s look at your options. There are probably more than you realise! Because we’re on the internet I know you are at least a little computer savvy, and with my help you’ll hopefully be able to find teachers online as well as teachers who live in your area and can help you on a one-to-one level.

  1. On-line

If you can learn by reading, or from a youtube video there is no end to the free instruction available on-line. That means if one internet instructor can’t help you maybe another will make more sense. I have 4 resources that I will be continually recommending but feel free to google or youtube the topic “Learn to Crochet” and you will find many more options.

The sites I use personally are:

Another important site is Ravelry  Ravelry is more of a community than a learn to crochet resource. But they do have forums in which you can post questions and get help from other hookers around the world. This can be great if you don’t know quite what you are doing  wrong.

  1. Local Teachers

Probably the easiest way to find a local teacher is to google Learn to Crochet in ___________ (where ever you live). But if that doesn’t help you can try the following:

Now the only problem you’ll have finding a teacher is being spoilt for choice!

Until next time …. Woof!

Olive paw 2OLIVE

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