Beginner Projects

Eyelet Scarf (download pattern here: Pattern BEG001 Eyelet Scarf)

Pattern BEG001

If you want to make a beginner Eyelet Scarf you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to make the scarf over a series of lessons:

1.       Getting ready

2.       Understanding the pattern

3.       Making a sample square

4.       Making the eyelets

5.       Changing color  DSC00001

6.       Finishing off!

7.       Trouble shooting

Flower Earrings

Pattern BEG002(Download the pattern here Pattern BEG002 Flower Earrings)

1. Understanding the pattern

2.  Working in a round



Granny Square Pendant (Download pattern here Pattern BEG003 Granny Square Pendant)

Pattern BEG003 photo 2Pattern BEG003 photo 1







Beach Backpack (Download pattern here Pattern BEG004 Beach Backpack)

Beach Backpack


 1. Understanding the Pattern

2. Making a Mesh Square

3. From Foundation to Mesh

4. From Mesh to Bag Pattern BEG004 photo 2

5. From Straps to Back 


Little Dilly Bag (Download pattern here Pattern BEG005 Little Dilly Bag)

Little Dilly Bag

Blanket Wrap (Pattern number 40) download at Ravelry for US$2.50

Pattern 40 v1

For more pictures see here.

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