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Puppy Crochet

Meet Tiger Lily!

Pattern 41v3.JPG

She is sporting a beautiful crocheted dog coat of course!

Pattern 41 v2

She has recently joined us as an apprentice.
WP_20160411_003Tiger Lily is a country girl who knew young that chasing wild pigs was not for her. She escaped to the outskirts of the city where the RSPCA gladly took her in.

Her gentle nature and eagerness to please make her a real asset and pleasure to have around. She has been exceptionally quick to learn everything we have taught her so far.

She is very interested in learning to crochet and design. She dreams of becoming an Art Therapist for other young female dogs at risk.





Happy to be here

Mimi's summer bed
A priceless shot of Mimi waking up New Year’s Day and wondering what she’d been up to the night before…

Hi, I’m Typsy.

Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome. As you can see I’m settling into my new office quite comfortably and look forward to bringing you more fabulous crochet and more inside info on the faces behind DKO Designs… like the photo of Mimi above.



Happy Meow Year

Happy Meow Year, it is I, Mimi


And my new year’s resolution is to relax more!

I would also like to welcome Typsy our new PR manager.


Typsy has 18 years of prrrrrrrrrrring experience which is like forever in cat years, and we hope it will make up for the fact that she is totally unfamiliar with social media so far…

Welcome, Typsy, to the DKO Designs team!

First Easy Techniques Underway

Mee-ow to you all. It is I, Mimi. Another perspective

Learning new tricks just takes practice – remember we were all beginners once!

I just wanted to let you know that the first of the Easy Technique posts are on their way, as is a new pattern. They will be listed under the new menu “Easy – Intermediate Crochet”!

We shall start by learning how to increase and decrease within the row, and who knows where it may lead…


Trying to move on

Mee-ow to you all.

It is I, Mimi, who will now take up Olive’s legacy, so that DKO designs can continue offering crochet lessons to the world at large.

Tea anyone

My style is a little different to Olive’s, I’m afraid I don’t have her unending time and patience to create whole tutorials. Instead I’ll offer lessons on different crochet techniques.

It is our goal to cover all techniques used in our easy and intermediate patterns. I’m also working with our designer Emma to provide patterns for all the techniques we include.



Olive’s Legacy

WP_20151024_001It is with great sorrow I announce that Olive has passed away.

She was a very beautiful soul and brought a lot of joy into this world. She left us 4 weeks ago today (we have been too upset to pass on the news) after battling with a respiratory condition.

WP_20151021_001As well as teaching beginner crochet for DKO Designs, she taught us a lot about loving, appreciating the little things in life and that you can make a good meal out of just about anything.

She was irreplaceable. And will always remain in our hearts.