Interesting Opportunities

Pattern 6 photo 1
In March I was asked if I would like to sell some of my jewelry in an inspiring local gift store called Interesting Things. This shop sells all sorts of ornaments, jewelry, small furnishings, clothing and items that just canPattern 5 photo 2‘t be categorized. Most of the products are handmade Balinese artifacts and are hand picked and imported by the owner, Terrie.

This new opportunity has not only brought sales but the chance to do some custom made jewelry for people who want adaptions from my original designs. For example these earrings based on the flag of Australia’s indigenous people.

Pattern 25 photo 1

The shop will soon be moving to a new premises, and going through some exciting changes. As part of this I am working with Terrie on some special new jewelry for the relaunch.

At this stage all I’m prepared to say is that I am experimenting with beads in my crochet!

Pattern 29 photo 4

Granny Square Jewelry

Pattern 15 photo 1The Granny Square is a very popular design, known by most crocheters. It is usually used for large items like afghans and blankets. But here I have scaled it down and used it for a string of beads, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Pattern 13 photo 1

Pattern 14 photo 1

If you would like to make any of these patterns they are available for sale on Ravelry separately or together as an e-book.

Beads     $2.00 USD   buy now

Bracelet $1.50 USD  buy now

Earrings $1.50 USD buy now

E-book   $3.50 USD buy now

Girl with crocheted baby pineapple lace earrings

Ravelry MugshotAbout Me

Hi I’m Emma. I remember in first grade asking my teacher if we could do craft instead of mathematics (sadly no) so I guess I’ve been into craft all my life. Crochet is my absolute favorite. I taught myself mostly, copying the rugs and doilies around the house that had been made by my great grandma. I make up most of my own patterns and have often been asked to share them, but writing them down is no easy task!

About DKO Designs

DKO Designs is part of an Australian family business. My family have been involved in fibre arts and crafts for generations. Knitting, weaving sewing, spinning, embroidery, crochet and many other crafts are a part of our daily lives.

Recently I opened a DKO Designs shop on the knitting and crochet site to sell my patterns as I write them down. This blog is to showcase my crocheted creations in a broader way and perhaps share a thought or two.

By the way, if you’d like the pattern for the baby pineapple earrings you can buy it here.