Easy – Intermediate Techniques

Mee-ow to you all. It is I, Mimi.

Another perspectiveLearning new tricks just takes practice – remember we were all beginners once!

Following are links to the Easy and Intermediate Techniques used in the patterns on this website. (If you can’t find the technique you’re looking for you could also try under beginner stitches and techniques here)

  1. Increasing stitches within the row
  2. Decreasing stitches within the row
  3. Decreasing at the beginning of the row
  4. Crocheting edges together
  5. Working in a really big round
  6. Making a gauge or tension square
  7. Changing color mid row with slip stitch
  8. Finishing a row in one place and starting in another with slip
  9. Dye-lots