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5 Serves

5 Serves (2010)When I told my father I was crocheting a beaded spoon, he thought I’d lost my marbles.

“5 Serves” was originally going to be a paper collage. But I had a brand new book of crocheted edges, and I was dying to try some out.
This is one way I approach creativity. I have my first idea, the obvious one, and then I ask myself, how else can I do this? I look around me for ideas and things that I can use instead, the more unlikely the better. Sometimes I even make a list of 3-10 options.
In this case, as I sat amid my colored papers, my eyes fell upon the crocheted edges book, and – voila – crocheted plates, and a beaded, crochet spoon.

Elephant Freeform Bag

Freeform 2Yesterday I was reading kimmi’s post Hooked on Hooks at Inkeeart and she mentioned in her comments that she was hoping to do some freeform crochet in the future. This inspired me to get out my Freeform Elephant Bag. (Actually I lie, it is always with me but I have become so used to its presence I no longer notice it.)

This bag started out life as 2 recyclable supermarket bags which I sewed together to create a good sized bag to carry my crochet projects around in. And then I decorated it in freeform crochet. (And with elephants because they are super cool)

So what is freeform all about anyway? It’s a lot like doodling only with yarn.

Firstly there is no pattern. You decide what you want to make – a scarf is a good place for a beginner. Use a hook about 3mm – 4.5mm and a pile of different yarns, a LOT of different yarns, different colours, left overs, fancy bits, special threads, old favourites, different thicknesses, what ever you like, although it is best to use colours that go well together.

Freeform 4You can start by making little pieces of crochet (and/or  knitting) with your yarns – you can do little plain bits, different shapes and sizes, some embellishments if you want to get fancy, bits that are thick or thin, some with holes if you like, whatever you want.

Then you arrange them in different shapes and sizes next to each other and when you like how they look, you crochet or sew them together in the shape of the larger item that you are making.

These are my two favourite freeform crochet artists and if you are interested in freeform, you might want to check them out.

Prudence Mapstone at  http://www.knotjustknitting.com/ Prudence also runs a lot of classes to teach people freeform.

Myra Woods at http://myrawood.com/ is the first artist I came across who did freeform lace.

Girl with crocheted baby pineapple lace earrings

Ravelry MugshotAbout Me

Hi I’m Emma. I remember in first grade asking my teacher if we could do craft instead of mathematics (sadly no) so I guess I’ve been into craft all my life. Crochet is my absolute favorite. I taught myself mostly, copying the rugs and doilies around the house that had been made by my great grandma. I make up most of my own patterns and have often been asked to share them, but writing them down is no easy task!

About DKO Designs

DKO Designs is part of an Australian family business. My family have been involved in fibre arts and crafts for generations. Knitting, weaving sewing, spinning, embroidery, crochet and many other crafts are a part of our daily lives.

Recently I opened a DKO Designs shop on the knitting and crochet site https://ravelry.com to sell my patterns as I write them down. This blog is to showcase my crocheted creations in a broader way and perhaps share a thought or two.

By the way, if you’d like the pattern for the baby pineapple earrings you can buy it here.