Beach Backpack – 3. From Foundation to Mesh

DSC00001Woof and Welcome in this tutorial we’re starting our terrific beach backpack. This is how it will look when it is done.

Beach Backpack







Let’s get started!

First comes 32 chain stitches (ch) as a foundation chain. This is quite a big number for me to count, but I have a trick that helps me. I always count my foundation ch out loud and then if I’m not sure where I’m up to I remember what number I last heard… maybe it is a dog thing, but it works!

Oh and make sure you don’t count the loop on your hook as a chain.

Lesson 3 photo 1

Next we do our first row of half double crochets (hdc). Start with 2 turning chain, then make sure you put the hdc into the third ch from the hook.

Lesson 3 photo 2

Then just finish off the row!

Lesson 3 photo 3

So for this next row we’re going to start the eyelets that will go at the top of the bag. Yes this is the top! Trust me it is very clever.

Do 2 turning ch, 1hdc, 2ch and then skip 2 stitches in the row below and do another hdc. Now you’ve created an eyelet

Lesson 3 photo 4

So now you can just repeat this pattern and finish the row. You should have 8 eyelets like this.

Lesson 3 photo 5

The next row is another row of hdc. Just woof along the row putting a hdc in each stitch from the row below. Instead of putting the hdc in the actual ch stitches, just put them into the eyelets themselves like this.

Lesson 3 photo 6

Your finished row should look like this. Don’t forget to count your stitches – there should still be 32!

Lesson 3 photo 7


Next we start the mesh just the same as we did it in Lesson 2. Start with 2 turning ch and the first hdc. Then do 4ch stitches, skip 2 hdc in the row below and put a single crochet (sc) into the top of the next hdc on the previous row like this

Lesson 3 photo 8

Keep repeating 4ch, skip 2 stitches and 1sc until you have 10 mesh spaces and one stitch left. Make this last stitch in the row a hdc. It should now look like this

Lesson 3 photo 9

For your second row of mesh repeat this pattern going back the other way. In other words, 2 turning ch, 1hdc, 4 ch and sc into the mesh space below like this

Lesson 3 photo 10

Then keep going with a 4ch, sc pattern and another hdc into the last stitch in the line

Lesson 3 photo 11

Now you’re going well, keep making mesh spaces until you get to the end of Row 17 and I’ll catch up with you there in the next lesson! Have fun and don’t forget to count!!

Until next time…. Woof!

Olive paw 2OLIVE

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